Who We Are

FutureLab3D is a Design and Prototyping Studio based in Manchester, UK.

We offer a wide range of services and also have a selection of products available through our online store, suitable for many different applications.

We were established in 2013 and started off from a small studio space within a creative centre housed in an old mill in Manchester City Centre, this was part of the former site where the Industrial Revolution originated.


Our digital prototyping desktop machines have all been designed and built from the ground up in house. This includes the research, design and development stages, sourcing the “off the shelf” parts, outsourcing the manufacture of parts, manufacturing and machining of parts in house, assembling machinery, wiring and programming the electronics and calibrating the machines work accurately and precisely. This has been completed with very little previous knowledge and was exciting.

Challenges on the way were overcome and a high standard was achieved throughout each machine project. This was completed in order to keep costs to a minimum and learn about each technology in greater detail. When machines are designed and constructed in house repairs and running costs can also be better managed, producing an affordable all round solution.

Our Expertise

Our services are always there for you!

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in many disciplines and can provide a quality and professional service aiding your project needs.

3D CAD Modelling88%
Computer Aided Machining CAM75%
CMS WordPress58%

Our Work

3d printed parts

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