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CNC Milling

CNC Milling has a variety of possibilities, a few of which are shown here below. Engraving and carving machine wax for silicone moulding. Machining a holding tool from wood for a repetitive machined part in metal. Precision cutting into an ebony block for the manufacture of a bespoke hunting knife handle.

CNC Machining

These clips illustrate CNC profile machining in different materials, aluminium, acrylic, HDPE and wood. The machinery in these clips has been designed, fabricated and assembled by us and outline some of our capabilities.

3D Printing

Below are a collection of parts being 3D Printed on one of our 3D Printers. We are able to print in a variety of colours and certain types of plastic, poly-wood, poly-metal materials. Metal and resin printing can also be achieved through our commercial partner’s 3D printing service.

Project Clips

These projects have recently been produced by us and demonstrate laser engraving on to birch plywood, machining and aluminium and Delrin sliding carriage that is belt driven, a variety of soap cutting equipment designed specifically for a client to improve his workflow and increase his production output with two simple products.

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