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Do you have a project but don’t know where to start? 3D CAD Modelling is a solution for taking ideas and sketches and turning them into manufacture-able parts or products for downstream applications.

3D Printing

A rapid prototyping solution to visualise parts and projects in the real world. 3D Printing offers a great solution for the manufacture of low volume part manufacture. Different colours and materials available.

CNC Machining & engraving

Bespoke cutting and engraving service. Parts can be machined from a variety of different materials and shapes. We offer laser diode engraving onto wooden based products and certain other materials, paper and cardboard.



FutureLab3D is a Design and Prototyping Studio based in Manchester, UK.

We offer a wide range of services and a selection of products available through our online store, suitable for many different applications.

Our digital prototyping desktop machines have all been designed and built from the ground up in house. This includes the research, design and development stages, sourcing the “off the shelf” parts, outsourcing of manufactured parts from third party suppliers, manufacturing and machining of parts in house, assembly of machinery, wiring and programming the electronics and calibrating the machines to work accurately and precisely.

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