September 28, 2018

Your Pocket Welding Trainer

The new Welducation Basic App from Fronius supports virtual learning: the app has a game function which enables users to experience welding interactively and features a quiz that conveys useful information on the joining process. The Welducation Basic App is available free for Android and iOS.

With the Welducation Basic App’s quiz, users pick up basic welding knowledge through play

At last there is a fun way for welders to build up their know-how. Welducation Basic makes the demanding task of memorizing theoretical content a thing of the past. The app for smartphone and tablet conveys information on welding through play: in the quiz, users choose their answer from four options and are told immediately whether they were correct or not. This is a fun way to learn the theoretical principles. To complete a round of the game, users must answer 10 questions. The scores are then shown in order of ranking. An international high score ranking allows users to compare themselves with all app users worldwide.

Users guide the welding torch with their finger and thereby get a feeling for the right welding torch position and speed.

Virtual Welding on Smartphone or Tablet

Those who prefer to learn through practice rather than theory can gain experience in the game app with virtual welding. The touchscreen becomes a workpiece and your finger becomes a welding torch. There are different levels to the game—the higher the level, the more difficult the welding task. Users can weld melt runs or fillet and butt welds, for example. The virtual trainer supports the player by showing them the ideal welding speed and position using colour signals. The aim is to score as many points as possible through consistent and accurately welded seams. Users can also save their points from the game in the online rankings.


More information:

On Fronius official website.

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