April 14, 2021

Your CNC Shop on 3+2 Machining: Smarter, Better, Faster and More Profitable

During this webinar, we’ll walk you through all the things you should know about 3+1 machining, 3+2 machining, as well as 4-and 5-axis simultaneous machining. No matter if you’re new to Fusion 360 or you’re an existing Fusion 360 user, this webinar is for you.

During this event, we'll show you:

How manual setups on a 3-axis machine can cost you time and money. By adding a 4- or 5-axis machine you can increase your shop’s efficiency and productivity, paving the way to higher profits.

The advantages of having multi-axis capabilities when making rotary or indexer purchasing decisions.

How easy it is to maximize your machine’s potential by learning how to use a rotary or indexer.

Don’t forget to check out our new podcast! - “The New Possible” is a podcast that sheds light on the future of making things - from ventilators to sustainable motorcycles - in a relatable and authentic way. Each episode tells an engaging, thought-provoking, and technically relevant story of how a company unlocks their new possible using Autodesk’s Fusion 360.

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