October 31, 2019

Why Designing A Magazine Is Still Worthwhile

There have been many changes in how content is created, distributed and developed in the last twenty years, and some of those changes are very exciting. Others can seem somewhat of a shame, as practical skills are now being transferred to digital skills, which can lead to the most reach and the best outcome.

This can lead some people to question if their approach is even worth considering. For example, it’s not uncommon for some to question if designing a magazine is still worthwhile, or what form that would even take in the modern-day.

Thankfully, while print magazine sales are dropping year by year, it can be that utilizing this format for your monthly offering can be a reliable means of offering something novel and new, of curating the best content in the form of a digest, and in applying yourself through your creative design. Classic magazines such as PC Gamer and the output at Future Publishing Ltd are great examples of digitized content coming to the modern-day in style.

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To that end, let us consider how you might go about something like this yourself:

Digital Distribution

We may think that almost no one is purchasing a magazine in 2019, but that’s simply not true. Through services such as the Google News app, digital distribution of magazines has become easier than ever. Offering this publication to people’s smartphones, curating how this will be read on a device, allowing them to subscribe through their Apple or Google Play account can make the payment process that much simpler, and phone notifications can be curated to ensure your readers are notified of new issues or unread articles. This way, you have a real access of a new customer base - because who doesn’t have a smartphone?


Training Your Skillset

There has never been a better time to learn how to curate digital and print media. Through an InDesign Training course, offered by experts, you can figure out the design principles that reinforce legibility, the means in which content is best presented, how to format images and ensure that the punctual point of your piece lands with the most forthright punch. These measures can be very important when training your skillset, and they may even motivate you to refine your qualifications within the industry-standard software packages sooner.


Curated Media

If you try and read the news online today, or delve into any hobby, it can be tough. YouTube videos, ‘10 ways to’ articles and a range of boring, underhanded, clickbait content options can simply leave you feeling tired, sometimes as if you’re quite uninterested in exploring and reacting to your hobby as you might have been.

This is where the magazine format, digital or not, can be so important. Curating great writers, going in-depth on a topic, securing the best interviews or using the written word to creatively deliberate a topic and to give your unseasoned opinions will always hold water, and this means you can offer a higher quality output than many do. This can be truly important, and so designing your magazine, should you choose to promote it well, can be very worthwhile.

With this advice, you’re certain to find comfort in following this format.

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