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What’s New in Fusion 360 Manufacturing – January 2023 | Autodesk Fusion 360

Welcome to the first Autodesk Fusion 360 Manufacturing update of 2023! The Fusion 360 January release is adding new features and functions to increase your programming flexibility and efficiency. In this Fusion 360 YouTube video, we will take a look at the enhancements that you can expect to see in this release. Some, but not all, of the heavy hitters in the January release are listed below!

Geometry Features: Geometry and stock contours feature selection now has a new tabular approach, which improves visualization and edits. Different types and combinations of selections including chains, face contours, pockets, sketch profiles, and silhouettes can be used for increased flexibility. Additionally, geometry can be reused from a previous toolpath by selecting it from the within the browser and applying it to another, creating an associative link automating the process of updating toolpaths if a design change were to occur.

Machine Definition: The experience when creating a complex machine tool in the machine builder has been greatly improved, with the ability to now split the kinematic chain and an orientation drop down menu. Static machine components are now definable, increasing the accuracy of collision checking.

Machine Connector: Adding a networked Haas machine tool in your facility has been streamlined using the machine connector, allowing you to quickly add it and its configuration to your local library.

Manual Inspection of Additive Setups: The ability to add a manual inspection routine has now been added to the Additive setup, allowing for the creation of a list of dimensional checks and their tolerances to be set. When the finished part is measured, the values can then be recorded, results can then be visually shown, or a report can be created, giving you confidence that the part meets the dimensional requirements.

Setter Support Type: Certain additive technologies such as Binder Jetting require a final post processing step, as the part is in a green state after being built. During this process, supports may be beneficial to limit distortion. Setter supports are a new support type which surround and support the part but are not physically attached. With dimension parameters and different infill patterns, the support structure you need can easily be created. Additionally, with the option to remove Z overlap, supports are limited that could occur above the part geometry, allowing for easy final removal.

Turning Fixed Lead Angles: When creating turning toolpaths, how the tool enters and exits the cut can be very crucial for tool wear and surface finish. Profile and groove finishing toolpaths now have a new option in the leads and transitions dialog to use a fixed lead direction. When checked on, the angle value is based in respect to the Z-axis instead of the toolpath direction, increasing your flexibility when defining toolpath leads.

Dormer Pramet add-in: Defining tooling for CAM programming is crucial but time-consuming and prone to error. When using Dormer-Pramet tooling, an add-in is now available in the Fusion App store, simplifying this process and increasing your CAM programming efficiency. From the add-in, search and filter for the tools you need by type and size, then quickly add them to your tooling library and setup. Suggested starting feeds and speeds are included as well by selecting the material type.

HP Print App Improvements: Last year, the HP printer app was introduced and has seen an update which allows it to resemble the webpage interface more closely. The most used features are now at the forefront, improving decision-making on which thermal compensation to use and access to specifying materials and profiles.

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