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Welcome to the Autodesk Fusion 360 Youtube channel. In this video, we’re going to talk about what’s new in Design and Engineering for the Fusion 360 January release.

In the design domain, we’re taking a look at the User parameter dialog. In this update we built onto the UI by increasing search results to include feature names, adding additional filtering of user parameters and favorites, and adding a simple button to sort features in the order of the original timeline. We did this to improve the user experience with reorganization of fields to improve clarity.

Into the sketch plane we dive next to see an update to control points within splines. There’s a lot of ups and downs in the design process and we want to make sure that you have the greatest flexibility possible. The dialog now shows an option to change the degrees of a spline to give more granular control of specific points and to reduce the need to recreate complex splines. It can also be used to simplify splines where possible. Simply highlight the line and change the spline degree in the sketch palette, thus adding/subtracting the number of control points influencing the curvature of the spline

As always, we strive to increase the performance of Fusion 360 with each update. In the January 2023 release we focus on the window selection of sketches and 3D models.

Going back to the foundation of 3D modeling commands, we’ve eked out a bit more speed from the extrude and fillet commands. Complex geometry or linework can now be grabbed in the blink of an eye. The speed of component patterns also saw an increase. This is especially useful in complex assemblies of components with their respective joints.

Continuing from our last release, we continue to make additions to the Drawing workspace. A new functionality has been added to copy custom technical, detailed tables from one drawing or sheet to the next. This has massive potential to save time spent recreating highly customized or formatted engineering tables within drawings. All data and formatting will be moved along with the table too. A huge time saving workflow our team has been using personally is to store all tables in one centralized drawing, then just reference that when creating new engineering drawings.

Next we’re looking at the updated E-cooling simulation which, thanks to your testing and feedback, we are now moving out of public preview and into full release. New for this commercial release, we are pleased to announce 3D point probes in the results view. These point probes allow for investigating air temps in 3D space. This improvement over the previous surface-only probes allows for a greater degree of investigation on your designs. Keep an eye out for a deep dive blog and video in the near future!

For generative design, we’re excited to announce the commercial release of our new solver. As with the electronics cooling solution, we’ve covered many of the released features during the preview state. With this official release, users can now use many of the advanced features with the new solver including remote loads, point masses, and displacement limits – all without having preview features enabled. The remote loads and constraints tools allow for creating designs that may be part of a larger assembly without knowing how the attachments play into the design. Point masses offer similar functionality by applying mass loads in 3D space.The primary difference between the point mass and the remote loads comes down to whether gravity is the load acceleration, or if there is some external force involved. The displacement limits allow for a designer to specify how stiff a design needs to be on either a global scale or in specific areas. All of these features are part of the core solver and do not require tech preview settings to be enabled.

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