March 24, 2021

"What DSP did I use?" and other questions answered about the fully 3D printed speaker!

Answering your questions about my speaker build using Polymate3D's FD52 and PR61! Including:
- Which DSP did I use?
- Why is there not acoustic wool in the enclosure?
- Could you use conductive filament?
- Are you an Elegoo shill?
- Why use so much glue for the enclosure?

DSP parts:
ADAU1701 application board
DIY programmer board
DIY programmer guide
Sigma Studio free download

⬇️ Files, filaments and more for the speaker build ⬇️

FD52 design
PR61 design

Floor switch

Prusa Galaxy Black PLA
Proto-Pasta Tangerine Orange Metallic PLA
Matterhackers PRO White PLA (this is "neutral" white instead of the standard yellowish PLA white)

Driver and passive radiator:
Surrounds and spiders: Ninjaflex Original (85A)
FD52 cone: Colorfabb XT white
PR61 radiator: Matterhackers PRO White PLA
Chassis: Prusa Galaxy Black

Floor button:
Prusa Galaxy Black PLA
Prusament Lipstick Red PLA
Matterhackers PRO White PLA

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