December 18, 2021

Webinar: Why Surface Inspection is a Reason to Upgrade to the Fusion 360 Machining Extension

Fusion 360 already comes with best-in-class CAM capabilities. With the Fusion 360 Machining Extension, however, you can take things to the next level. There are many reasons to consider the Fusion 360 Machining Extension, but Surface Inspection alone is great reason to upgrade. Digital probes make our lives easier and more efficient. But did you know that your digital probe can do way more than probe for a work coordinate system? With the Fusion 360 Machining Extension, you can also use your digital probe for in-process inspection and updating tool wear, and even correcting for part misalignments when machining castings, 3D printed parts, or other near net shapes.

In this 15 minute webinar, you’ll learn more about how Surface Inspection will shorten setup times, reduce rework, and increase your shop's efficiency. You’ll also learn the best way to test out Surface Inspection features to see if upgrading to the Fusion 360 Machining Extension is right for you. If you’re interested in increasing your efficiency and part quality, this webinar is for you.

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Want to Learn How to Use Probing Features in Fusion 360?
Probe WCS:
Probe WCS - Override Driving WCS:
Tool Wear Update using Probe Geometry :
Part Alignment:
Probe Geometry - Results Import:
Manual Measure:


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0:00 Intro and Agenda
1:23 About the Presenter
2:19 Why Do Extensions Exist?
3:56 About the Fusion 360 Machining Extension
6:01 Why Surface Inspection is a Good Reason to Upgrade to the Machining Extension
14:55 Case Study - Customer Example
16:11 Summary
16:27 Getting Access to Surface Inspection as Well as the Entire Machining Extension
16:49 Q&A
18:53 Closing Remarks

This webinar was presented by Richard Stubley from Autodesk

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