March 7, 2018

We Made Better Versions of the New 'Ready Player One' Posters

Steven Spielberg’s upcoming Ready Player One is a movie based on a book that’s essentially an exhaustive string of video game, movie, and television references. To promote the movie, Spielberg’s marketing team created a slew of movie posters that are homages to posters of famous movies past, like The Matrix, Blade Runner, and Bullitt.

Here’s a few of the real posters:

Twitter users quickly took to parodying the parodies:

Never ones to let a good meme go wasted, professional Photoshop artist Jordan Pearson and I made our very own posters for the film. Here are the originals and our creations:

Image: Jordan Pearson
Image: Jordan Pearson
Image: Jason Koebler
Image: Jason Koebler

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