May 9, 2019

VIDEO: How To Add A Customer Support Ticketing System To WordPress

No matter what type of website you run, there is no denying it that customer support plays a crucial role. After all, if your provide your customers with top notch support, chances of them remaining loyal and recommending you to their friends and family, grow exponentially.
There is no shortage of customer support systems out there. The problem with most of them is that they not only take your customers away from your site but they also require an ongoing monthly or yearly fee which can add up to quite a lot over the years. Not to mention, if you’re just starting out, the added expenses can be quite taxing on your budget.
Another problem with most third-party support systems is that even if they can be integrated in WordPress, they require manual insertion of code into your theme files which means you will need to re-add the code every time your theme is updated.
What if there was a better way? Well, as it turns out there is. As you already know, thanks to WordPress and its plugins, you can add all kinds of functionality to your website, customer support ticketing system included.
In this post, I’ll show you how to allow your customers to get support and submit tickets directly on your website with the help of the Fast plugin.

Fast Plugin Features

The Fast plugin is a premium plugin from CodeCanyon. The plugin was designed with the sole purpose of providing you with a solution that allows you to improve your customer support and help your customers faster.
It features a 5-star rating and has more than 800 sales. The plugin allows you to add customer support ticketing functionality to your existing website without the need to hire a developer or learn how to code yourself. It works with any WordPress theme and it touts itself as the most complete support system for your site and boasts some impressive features so let’s take a look at them more in detail below.

Ticketing System

The most important feature and the core of the Fast plugin is the ticketing system. Once you install the plugin, your customers will be able to create tickets and submit support requests. Bear in mind that you will have to enable registrations on your website, otherwise the plugin won’t work properly. Once they are registered, they can get notifications on their submitted support tickets and open new tickets if they need to.
From an administrative point of view, you can assign ticket agents and ticket managers that will be in charge of support. Your ticket agents and managers can submit tickets on behalf of your customers as well which comes in handy if someone asks for support via email or on your social media platforms.
In addition to that, you can create different agent levels which comes in handy if you have several layers of support. For example, you can create an agent level for junior developers and one for senior developers.
You can create different support categories so you can easily organize your tickets and assign ticket agents to various ticket categories. On top of that, your customers can easily attach screenshots and files to their support tickets to provide more context. Another cool feature is the ability to save replies to reuse them later. This can help you save time on commonly asked questions and support requests as you don’t have to retype the replies each and every time.
Unlike many other third-party support apps, there is no limit on the number of agents and customers that you can support with the Fast plugin.

Integration Features

When it comes to integrations, the Fast plugin integrates with your email account as well as Slack so you can get instant notifications when a new ticket is submitted or when a reply to the ticket has been submitted. You will also get live browser notifications to ensure no support request goes unnoticed.

The Fast plugin integrates perfectly with WooCommerce so you can easily provide support for all your digital and physical products. It also integrates with Envato so if you’re selling themes or plugins on Envato marketplaces, you can use this plugin to verify purchases and provide support for your themes and plugins.

Customization Options

The beauty of the Fast plugin is that it works with any WordPress theme. This means it will blend in seamlessly with your website. The plugin does offer some customization options to ensure you can create a fully branded experience for your customers.
For starters, you can upload your logo that will be seen on the registration and login pages where customers will go to submit their tickets. You can also choose between 12 premade color schemes or create your own color scheme that matches the rest of your site.
The Fast plugin also allows you to use re-CAPTCHA with registration and login forms to minimize the amount of spam submissions. Another neat customization feature is the ability to translate the plugin into your own language so if you’re serving an international audience, you can easily customize this plugin to suit your needs.


Finally, it’s worth mentioning that the Fast plugin comes with a reporting dashboard and detailed analytics that allow you to see how many support tickets are submitted and monitor the performance of your support agents. You can see which agents have the highest number of open and closed tickets as well as how fast they are in handling the tickets.


The Fast plugin is available from CodeCanyon for $39. This grants you 6 months of support, the ability to install the plugin on your site, and future plugin updates. You can extend the support to 12 months for an additional $12.75.

Video Tutorial: How to Use Fast Plugin to Add Customer Support Ticketing System to Your WordPress Website

As promised, below you’ll find my video tutorial that walks you through the process of downloading, installing, and configuring the Fast plugin on your website. I’ll also show you all of the options that the plugin has and show you how to customize the plugin to provide your customers with a fully branded experience.

Final Thoughts

Adding a customer support system to your WordPress website is vital if you want to improve your customer relationships. With the help of the Fast plugin, you can easily add the ability to get support as fast as possible for your customers. Use this tutorial to help you configure the plugin on your site and never worry about missing a support request again.

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