October 28, 2020

Video 8: How do you read resistor values

Shows how to read 4 and 5 band color-coded resistors and 3 and 4 digit coded surface mount resistors.

Video Series: Fundamentals of Electronics
Livestream: Introduction https://youtu.be/0pRbu__YbZk
Video 1: What is a circuit https://youtu.be/8q3MLBRuopc
Video 2: Current, Voltage, and Ohm's Law https://youtu.be/unPIqYB9M54
Video 3: Explains the characteristics of Series and Parallel Circuits. https://youtu.be/_JVS-hiXlqo
Video 4: What is Ground in a circuit? https://youtu.be/1ecIvY5hoNg
Video 5: Power Resistive Circuits https://youtu.be/5ilT5-nrpgg
Video 6: Practical Applications and Considerations Using Resistors https://youtu.be/AFQnQzREbY8
Video 7: Why Are There So Many Different Kinds of Resistors https://youtu.be/QNNP44PUBF8
Video 8: How Do You Read Resistor Values https://youtu.be/nN8lGjQrnLY

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