November 21, 2019

Vectric V10 Tutorials | Two Sided Machining | King Chess Piece

This tutorial demonstrates how we can model a chess piece to cut in a two sided project. We start by setting up a two sided session, draw the vectors for the chess piece, model the chess piece using the create shape tool and the turn tool. We then set the part up for machining and run through the process of creating the toolpaths to cut the two sides out.

~ Image Tracing 04:35
~ Turn and Spin 11:50
~ Create Shape 13:43
~ 3D Tabs 15:18
~ Dowel Holes 18:45
~ Copy to the Otherside 20:20
~ Multi Sided View 21:13
~ Limit Planes 22:32
~ Toolpaths Top Side 26:50
~ Toolpaths Bottom Side 34:58

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