April 28, 2019

VCarve Pro Makerspace Edition

Vectric’s VCarve Pro is a powerful and exceptionally easy to use software solution for people wanting to design and machine parts for a wide variety of CNC machines. However, investing in toolpathing software for members of a Makerspace who don’t own their own CNC machine can be prohibitively expensive. Using the standard software at a Makerspace is possible, but often awkward, restricting the time that can be spent on design and toolpath creation to the time which can be spent at the Makerspace using the software on their computers.
We have created VCarve Pro The Makerspace Edition to address this problem by allowing Makerspace members to work on their projects at home on their own computer using the free Makerspace Client Edition of VCarve Pro. The Makerspace Client Edition will allow users to design from scratch or import their data from other software packages and includes the ability to both generate and simulate, but not save directly, the toolpaths to drive the CNC. For the final part of the process the user can bring their VCarve Pro files from the Makerspace Client Edition into the Makerspace to save the toolpath using the licensed copy of the Makerspace Edition of VCarve Pro.
Scroll down to see the benefits offered by this special edition for the Makerspace and their members. To download a PDF document with a more detailed description of the product and its licensing click the button below.
You can also click on links at the bottom of the page to read a summary of the licensing and to access the Application Form to request a copy of this for your Makerspace.


Vectric VCarve Pro Makerspace Edition

How does the Makerspace Program work?

The Makerspace can install the specially licensed software on up to 5 PC’s, these MUST be connected to the internet. When a member opens a file they have been working within the Client Edition of the software on their own computer, VCarve Pro Maker Edition will contact a web server run by Vectric to get permission to open the file. When permission is received, the file will open as though it was written by any normal version of VCarve Pro; from there they will be able to save their toolpaths to run on the CNC at the Makerspace.
To obtain a Makerspace Client Edition a member just needs to download the free trial edition of VCarve Pro and activate it with a MakerspaceID code that can be generated from the Makerspace Edition installed at the main facility.
Makerspace - How it works


The Makerspace Edition will be licensed on an annual basis for a fee of US$99 per year for qualifying Makerspaces. This license fee will entitle the Makerspace to install the software on up to 5 machines located at the Makerspace and all upgrades to the software are free during the 12 month period. We have adopted this license model to ensure that we can keep the Makerspace software up to date at all times to ensure compatibility with the Makerspace Client Edition.
The license agreement for the Makerspace Edition only allows licensed makerspace users to load files from the Makerspace Client Edition for cutting on CNC machines at the licensed makerspace, it is expressly forbidden to generate toolpaths from a Makerspace Client file for use on CNC machines not present at the Makerspace premises. The Makerspace Edition of the software must only be installed at the Makerspace location. If these conditions are violated, the VCarve Pro Makerspace license will be revoked.
To apply for the Makerspace License click here

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