June 20, 2020

Tutorial: Episode 3 Making the Board outline and initial placement

We show how to make a custom PCB outline in Fusion360. We show the use of the select-sch-group-to-brd-group.ulp to aid layout.

Episode 1: Introduction https://youtu.be/NOAG85DeGo0
Episode 2: Analyzing the Schematic to inform Layout https://youtu.be/fxpg_Ar_o00
Episode 3: Making the Board outline and initial placement https://youtu.be/x2lQfl4d68Y
Episode 4: Finishing Placement and Routing https://youtu.be/ChJKfmxpys0
Episode 5: Finishing Touches and Manufacturing Data https://youtu.be/9WKNCvom9YQ

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