May 3, 2018

Tungaloy’s new Wavy Joint CBN inserts for outstanding performance in hard turning

Tungaloy is introducing the Wavy Joint CBN inserts, an innovative CBN brazing technology for higher productivity in hard turning operations.

Hardened steel parts are gaining broader acceptance in today’s automotive industry to meet the requirements of downsizing for less emission and energy. Manufacturers are seeking cost-effective solutions to improve productivity and machining efficiency. CBN inserts are an effective solution to turn hardened steel parts. However, a CBN tip brazed with a conventional brazing technology is prone to detach, or de-braze, from its carbide base insert when turned dry at a large depth of cut. Therefore, the operator has to use multiple, small cutting depth passes. The Wavy Joint CBN insert is a groundbreaking solution, which can significantly improve machining efficiency, enabling hard turning in a single pass at a large depth of cut and at a higher feed rate.

At a glance:

  • Innovative brazing method allows for a large depth of cut, up to 1.6X that of conventional CBN inserts
  • Larger CBN mass of the cutting tip enhances thermal stability during deep and dry cutting
  • Capable of a depth of cut up to 0.8 mm. Fewer turning passes for higher efficiency.
  • Reduced risk of debrazing allows for a dry and interrupted cutting at a large depth of cut. Reduces premature insert failures caused by thermal fatigue often seen in wet cutting.


More information:

On Tungaloy’s official website.

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