May 10, 2018

Tungaloy’s new CNC program generator facilitates thread milling programming – now available on Tungaloy’s website

Tungaloy announces a release of a no-cost thread mill program generator, which assists in programming for ThreadMilling tools in machining centers.

This online software is accessible and functional 24 hours a day on Tungaloy’s website. Users can select their desired thread size and CNC machine controller type to automatically plot the CNC program necessary for any thread milling operation.

At a glance:

  • Provides a range of services from tool suggestion to CNC program creation, based on the thread size data provided.
  • Displays the relevant thread size and tool dimension in drawings as well as a tool movement animation, so the user can visualize the thread milling tool motion prior to actual operation.
    CNC programs can be saved as a simple text (.txt) file for easy data transfer via a USB flash drive or the IoT system to the machining centers.
  • Enables the user to sub-select from multiple tool types in the same category to heighten tool selection accuracy for all desired applications and needs, including blind holes, through holes, and changeable-head series.
  • A program is plotted for a specific CNC machine controller type (such as FANUC, Siemens, Mazak, etc).


More information:

On Vero Tungaloy’s official website.

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