January 26, 2021

Tufted Heart Pen Holder | Michael Tyler's FREE CNC Project of the Month | Vectric

This month's project features a pretty “tufted heart” carving made into a nice desktop pen holder. This makes a nice Valentine, Wedding, or Anniversary gift or for any other occasion when you want to show someone some Love!

I used the Aspire software to create all the individual models. They were ultimately combined together to yield the final tufted heart composite model. As a bonus, all the original individual models are included in the Aspire project file. This could prove helpful for anyone wanting to observe how the models were layered, merged, and combined (as well as being able to use the individual models for other projects).

A few features used while designing this project included the Create Shape tools, Rail Sweep, Sculpting, Array Copy, Drawing and Node editing tools, Snapping features, and the Interactive Trim.

Watch and download tutorial files: https://www.vectric.com/vectric-community/free-projects/projects-of-the-month/TuftedHeartPenHolder

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