Tormach CNC Machine Warm-Up Routine! WW182

Tormach CNC Spindle and Machine Warm-Up Routines! With temperatures plummeting, it’s time to be extra kind to our machines. If you’re not a code person, we have a fast, easy way to create and customize your own routine. After that, I’m nerding out and you’re welcome to join me!
If you ARE interested in code, let’s do two things:
1. Use these routines to understand how custom variables in G-Code work in Fusion 360 expressions.
2. Use Excel to simplify programming, define rules and limits of our code with respect to our machines, and alert us to potential problems. After all, we don’t want the code to blow past our machine’s max RPM, do we?
How to Add Manual G-Code to Fusion 360 CAM! – NYC CNC:
Excel & Fusion File Downloads:
Business of Machining Podcast:
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