June 29, 2018

Titus Technologies, a division of Titus Group exhibits its unique solutions for assembly automation at AUTOMATICA München 2018, Germany

Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about Titus Technologies assembly solutions tailored to the specific requirements of high volume precision component manufacturing by integrating advanced solutions based on Industry 4.0 principles.

To assure automation solutions that increase productivity, improve product quality, lower the production cost and increase flexibility Titus Technologies designs and builds automated assembly machines following the principles of modularity, flexibility and integration with other technologies as well as with companies manufacturing system.

Titus Technologies develops several assembly lines with workstations that integrate into the line previous and subsequent operations or include operations that do not only assemble but also change the form, connect and inspect. Assembly lines can assemble multiple product versions and include the possibility to adapt quantities, pace and quality inspection mode. The lines can be programmed with various software which allows for a smooth integration into existing production information system or operation scorecards and connection with other systems within the supply chain. With the exploitation of internet wireless technologies, a real-time monitoring on various portable devices is ensured. Titus Technologies line design and construction try to minimize energy consumption and allow for recycling or a re-use of the components and modules.

Being a solution creator, Titus Technologies exploits new possibilities for providing new innovative solutions for its customers. Based on Industry 4.0 principles, it provides advanced data management, interconnectivity of systems, advanced interfaces, enhanced real-time process overview as well as automation and autonomy in the process.

Source:Titus Group

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On Titus Group’s official website.

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