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Time to move forward…

Hi gang :)
What can I say?
Time passes, progress does not stop. And I finally switched to complex composite structures in my planes. Now balsa and film are reserved only for my hobby models …
Time to move forward!
If someone needs help or professional service – please contact me.


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We will do it!

Finally, we flew a latest plane – Primus III.
In one of test fly (engine stop in air)  I set new personal glide record: distance 976 meters from 68 meters altitude.…


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Slowly, but still going on…

Hi gang :)))
Time to update blog. Story, named “Primus III”. Prewiously, I show fuse building process:
Give me a fulcrum…
I’ll go sleep now, because of my injury is less.…


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Give me a fulcrum…

and I’ll take any twist. :)))
Remember me? I’m still here!
Began sheeting Primus III fuse……


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I’ll go sleep now, because of my injury is less.

Week end. Friday.
Primus fuse remove from building slip.

Looking small, but still have over 2 meters. :)…

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Déjà vu

Where I’ve already seen…

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Sombody say that in a dual-core processors one core is always a little less than the other.

A long time ago…
When computers were large…
I build a plane, called the Primus. But this was not the first Primus, first gone forever.…


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Life – like a roll of toilet paper, like long, and goes to all ….

Uff…All dirty jobs are done. Trial fit, nearly 9 meters.

Now – clean, sand, spackle, prepear for…

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People die for metal…

Some time we need to work with metal parts. For example – motor mount.

Is a vibrationless motormount for MVVS 152 cc twin spark engine. I think it’s possible made from wood, but aluminium look much better for me.

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Let’s talk about hatches?

Photos only…More about progress in build later.…


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Yes we are all angels … a little deeper – the shovel should be washed.

Friday… This week progress. Only photos, any comments.…


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We all have a brain, but not everyone has to have it easily accessible.

Monday – day heavy, as you know. So long as any work starts on Monday. So I have – apart from today started…

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Technology can replace the clever head, but can not save them from evil…

First, load the fuselage to an inability to move. And…

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Fuse build progress…

Friday morning

Friday evening……


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Stress test

Testing a wing joiners. :)


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New project

New challenge.
Abowe – outer wing part. Below  – inner.
Half wing span – 4,5 meter.


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No more tailless

After years of experiments…No more tailless design.

Added by Vladimir “Lazy” Khudyakov on November 18, 2012 at 12:00pm — 8 Comments

Short range flying…

In the last few days I make some test fly for short distance.
On ground station we use YAGI 16 dBi antenna without tracking system, connected to XBee modem with 5 meter cable.
For distance ~2,5 km system work very fine…

Mamadu take a new fin for better yaw stability.…


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Mamadu – my latest project

This project has been started in october 2009  and its purpose is to build a full autonomous short range reconnaissance survey plane.
Currently Mamadu UAV used Paparazzy YAPA v.2 board, CHIMU IMU, Xbee modems for telemetry downlink and VTQ video equipment.


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