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Threadmilling CNC Lock Box | In The Labs with Vectric | Vectric FREE CNC Projects

Add a twist to your woodworking projects and find out how to use threadmilling techniques to make this fun and practical multi-material Phone Lock Box using VCarve!

Olly will show you how quick and easy it is to create and customize your own Phone Lock Box to limit screen time and help promote healthy habits for all the family. See how he uses his mood board with inspiration from Todd’s screw lamp project plus other ideas found online to create this beautiful striped family friendly container made from maple, walnut and oak.

This project offers lots of handy hints including using simple vector shapes to craft the base, lid and middle, how to use thread milling toolpaths to create a matching screw and bolt mechanism, and how to add some fun "unplug" and "it’s a beautiful day, put your phone away" v-carved text to your project. This fantastic project also includes tips on using dowels to secure the project for double sided machining and how to use tabs to check the threadmilling works whilst still on the machine bed.

Find out how to make your own fun and practical way to limit screen time and promote healthy habits in both adults and children. Customize it to fit any phone size, match it to your own personal style, or even create a cookie or treats jar, a jewellery box or a hide away for your favourite things!

Tune in Wednesday 12th July at 2pm BST to see how it turned out!

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