August 20, 2019

This thermochromic 7-segment display colorfully shows the temp and humidity

Instead of controlling his temperature and humidity display directly, maker mosivers Zaphunk did things a bit differently, driving the temperature of each segment with a Peltier element, or thermoelectric cooler (TEC), to change its color.

Each segment is made out of a thermochromic material, cycling from a black off state to a greenish hue when on, for a device that can—somewhat ironically—show the temperature by changing its temperature.

Ambient conditions are read via a DHT22 sensor, and everything is controlled by a half-dozen Arduino Nanos. This number boards were needed in order to power the nine dual motor drivers that handle the Peltier elements, each of which require two PWM outputs, along with 5 IO pins.

The display looks great in the video below and Arduino code is available on GitHub.

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