May 1, 2019

This device is a digital level, protractor, ruler, and roll measure all in one

When you need to take a measurement for a project, there are a wide variety of off-the-shelf devices available. Or you can make one exactly to your specs, like Patrick Panikulam did with his “Digital Multi-Function Measuring Tool.”
This Arduino-controlled gadget employs an MPU-6050 accelerometer / gyroscope that lets it act as a 2D level, as well as a digital protractor after zeroing it at a starting point. The unit also features straight-line measurement capabilities via an IR distance sensor, and even has an encoder/wheel that can measure rolled distance when that isn’t convenient.

Power is provided by a rechargeable battery, and the entire thing is packaged in a nice wood and carbon fiber facade. Check out the demo video below, or you can find more details on how to build your own here.

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