April 28, 2018

The Internet of the CNC industry – Welcome to the new digital CNC world

ORDERFOX.com is the world´s largest CNC database providing CNC manufacturers, buyers and their related industries with new business opportunities. CNC manufacturers can search for and find both local and global CNC jobs for FREE – buyers can place CNC jobs on the platform, as well as update and optimize their network of suppliers.

Best practice solution for the requirements of CNC manufacturers

ORDERFOX.com is a comprehensive problem solver for CNC manufacturers. It is focused on the ideal of optimizing the workload of a CNC related business. If they have the capacity, a CNC manufacturer can quickly and easily search for new CNC jobs that match their company profile. Likewise, if they are at capacity, or if a machine breaks down, jobs can be outsourced to suitable partners efficiently and easily. In addition, ORDERFOX.com provides general assistance to everyday problems. The expertise and experience of a wide range of manufacturing companies are easily available within the platform. For ORDERFOX.com users, this information is ideal, and the sharing of knowledge and experience will not only help the industry grow, but also boost quality and increase opportunity.

Buyers can optimize and simplify their processes and search globally for new suppliers

For buyers, ORDERFOX.com provides a range of contacts to meet any requirement – from mass production, to highly specialized manufacturing firms with niche expertise. This enables buyers to find qualified suppliers both locally and globally, and in doing so, update and optimize their supplier networks decisively. ORDERFOX.com provides buyers with a wide range of technical features, for which they can utilize all of the advantages of the digital processes. On ORDERFOX.com, tendering is simple, efficient, quick and precise. Whether you need to deal with a quick job done as soon as possible, searching for a long-term production partner, or a company to help with a challenging project, finding your ideal partner is easily accessible on ORDERFOX.com.

ORDERFOX.com is continuously adapting to the market

ORDERFOX.com is currently the largest search engine within the industry sector, with more than 320,000 CNC parts placed and produced through the platform. This success is an even more motivating factor for the ORDERFOX.com team to further develop the platform to benefit the end users of the “Internet of the CNC industry” and provide even more added value for the community. With 25 languages, and new platform features such as the “Global Trade Show and Event Calendar” and “Knowledge & Trends”, ORDERFOX.com will become an everyday tool for CNC manufacturers, buyers and their related industries. With features like a Machine Market and a Careers Portal currently in the pipeline ORDERFOX.com is the future of business. All functions and features on ORDERFOX.com are quick, simple and free. Welcome to the new digital CNC world.


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