May 1, 2021

The BEST Ender-3 alternative that YOU CAN'T HAVE: Elegoo Neptune 2 review

Elegoo are capable of making properly decent budget 3D printers - first the Mars MSLA lineup, now the Neptune 2 filament printer. But somehow they fail to actually sell them. So what's up with that?
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Check if the Neptune 2 is in stock on Amazon
Buy the Ender-3 v2 on Amazon
Buy the Ender-3 v2 on Amazon

Models shown:
The Torture Toaster
Medusozoa Mushroom
Self-watering rectangular planter

Filaments used:
20% off XPETG with code TOM3D_XPETGMATT20%
Extrudr XPETG matte white
Extrudr XPETG matte black
Extrudr PLA-NX2 matte black
Extrudr PLA yellow

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