December 7, 2020

The 12 Projects of Christmas | Day 6 | Christmas Growth Chart with Todd | Vectric FREE CNC Projects

As my kids were growing my wife and I thought it would be great to start the tradition of on each of their respective birthdays we would measure their heights. We thought it would be a great idea to use the door frame in their bedrooms to record it on by making a tick and leaving a note. Well, it was a great idea but it ended up that we would forget and would take the measurement on an odd day or totally forget.

Well, this is my solution for all the new parents or grandparents out there… a Christmas Growth Chart. Every year at the same time you need to break out the Christmas decorations. I can’t think of a more perfect reminder to take that important measurement than this yearly event. Also, Christmas is a time for reflection, and looking back over the years and seeing your children or grandchildren grow is a very special thing that should be recorded for years to come!

I hope you enjoy this project… Happy Holidays and be safe!

To download the FREE project:

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