December 5, 2020

The 12 Projects of Christmas | Day 4 | Christmas Marble Maze with Todd | Vectric FREE CNC Projects

Christmas would not be Christmas if there were a game missing from under the tree. Online stores filled with cheap plastic games lack what a traditional Christmas game should be: something that will last several lifetimes, be a joy to take out every year, and share with family, friends, and if it's hand-made from the heart… it's even better!

Inspired by a small square marble maze I saw online. This tree-shaped maze is perfect for kids young and old to pick up and play. The maze we have included has two solutions, so if you're the competitive type, challenge a guest or family member to a timed race! For an even more exciting and challenging game, add in a second ball bearing or marble. Finish with both at the top of the tree if you can.

There are many options to make this your own, like adding a way to get the marble out at the finish or change the maze to something you create. If you're not too sure of the acrylic top, cut a thin piece of plywood with a maze/path slightly smaller than the marble and use it as a face to keep the marble in the maze.

I hope this will be something you and yours will cherish for many years to come and look forward to taking out at Christmas and having a go-to beat last year's record time!

Have fun, make great stuff, and keep safe!


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