December 3, 2020

The 12 Projects of Christmas | Day 2 | Sleeps Till Christmas with Todd | Vectric FREE CNC Projects

If your house is anything like mine, you’re sure to be asked, “How many sleeps till Christmas. At least a month before December, the question is sure to start its rounds!. This simple yet fun count down mantel decoration will help fend off the question and create a fun activity for the kids to participate in.

Sure, this version only has 10 sleeps shown, but you can easily extend the count down to 12, 15, or 100 if you like (and have space). Maybe even consider making it double-sided with 10 on one and 10 on the other.

What is great about this idea is that you can take it even farther for other events. Birthdays, weddings, or vacations would make the perfect theme. I choose to represent “sleeps,” but you could change it to months or even years… 2 months to go until we tie the knot! Lots of options.

I hope you have fun with this one and if you do download and cut it, be sure to post it in the Vectric User Forum for all of us to see or post it socially and be sure to tag us!

Happy Holidays, have fun, keep making great stuff, and, most importantly, be safe!


To download the FREE project:

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