December 17, 2019

Tech Gifts For Those Who Like To Create

If you have a friend or loved one who likes to build tech devices and is constantly seeking the next big invention, we have some last-minute gift ideas to go down a treat.


Robot kits

For most people birthdays or Christmas can be the most exciting time of the year. Nevertheless, despite all the joy associated with these events, a lot of frustration and difficulty can arise when it comes to the purchasing of presents for people for these events.

After all, there are so many products available nowadays, which can be good in one sense but can also make it more difficult when it comes to deciding what to buy. Moreover, it is also tough to decide on something which is innovative and unique, but at the same time, something which you know will be received well from the recipient in question. Finding the balance between the aspects mentioned above is the key to finding a great present; nevertheless, this is not by any means an easy challenge.

When it comes to finding a unique present for your friend, if you have got someone who loves a taste for the future, likes to build things and loves a bit of a challenge then robot kits will be the perfect option for them. If you read this piece Smart Technology - The Future Is Now you will see how technology has advanced, and robots are the next level in smart technology. This is something which people are ensured not to expect so thus it is bound to make a great impression. After all, you can rest safe in the knowledge that this is a gift that will not have been bought by someone else.

Nevertheless, when it comes to buying robot kits there are a lot of things that need to be considered. Believe it not, there is actually a vast range of this type of product available on the internet and in stores all over the country. Therefore it is vital to consider various points which will help you whittle down your search for the robot products that are available. This article will give a helping hand by revealing what the factors of consideration are.

The first thing which obviously needs to be contemplated when it comes to buying robot kits is the price of the good. This is a factor that needs to be thought about when it comes to purchasing any product. After all, this is something that can only be determined by each individual because every obviously has their own different financial situation. Nevertheless, people should use the internet to their advantage in order to find the different deals that are at their disposal.

In addition to this, people should also consider the type of robot kit that they are going to buy. If you are buying the present for someone who has never utilised one before then they should certainly consider the prospect of buying the starter kits that are available. If you need further advise then you should simply ask an online or in store advisor.

And finally, a way to determine whether a robot kit is a good or not, is to simply search the name of the product online. By doing this you will be able to read reviews left by previous customers who will advise you on whether they have been pleased with the product that they purchased or not.

All in all, if you consider the points mentioned in this article then you are guaranteed to put a smile on your friends face with one of the robot kits that you have selected.


Electroluminescent wire

First and foremost, it is vital to decipher what electroluminescent wire actually is. People reading this may have also seen it abbreviated to EL wire, this is exactly the same thing. In basic terms it is simply a thin copper wire which glows when a differing current is applied to it. The uses for this wire varies drastically as will be explained later in the post.

Now, let’s delve a little bit deeper into the construction of electroluminescent wire. EL wire is made up five main components, these components are; the copper core, phosphor coating, very fine copper wire, clear protective sleeve and the coloured PVC sleeve. So, the wire starts off as a thin solid copper wire, it is then coated with phosphor. After this a very fine wire is wound in a spiral pattern around the area which has been coated. After this a clear PVC sleeve is bound around which is then mounted by a coloured PVC sleeve.

So, what are electroluminescent wires used for? Quite frankly; a whole host of things! This is because the diameter is so thin making it highly flexible, meaning that its purpose is extremely varied. EL wire can be used in the likes of toys, clothing, emergency lighting and even more.


DMX lighting for their tech builds

For those who are unaware, DMX – which is an abbreviation for DMX512-A, is the standard system which is used to control a mass variation of lighting equipment. It was established in 1990 and has advanced and revolutionised over the years. It began its journey as something primarily utilised to control light dimmers in order to abolish the requirement of having a different analog wire for each dimmer. However, since its birth it has established itself as a system which has many purposes and is essential for many different reasons.

The scope of usage of DMX lighting is massive; it can control light beam shape, effect light movement, decide light colour, control linkers and more. Moreover, the system proves to be used on a whole host of different scaled product, for example, its utilisation is evident in nightclub lighting, electronic billboards and something as small as Christmas lighting. This means that it is essential in a whole host of businesses and events; from concerts to theatres to bars and even architectural projects.

When using DMX lighting it goes without saying that one will need to purchase a controller (otherwise recognised as a DMX board) in order to operate the lighting. There are various aspects that need to be considered before determining what sort of controller is going to be bought. One of the most important things to think about is how many channels will be needed, this depends on the number of fixtures used, for example theatre lighting boards tend to transmit over 100 channels. In addition to this, consider whether one uses analog lighting, intelligent lighting or both – not all boards cover all options.


Lilypad products

The combination of electronics and clothing is something which is ever-growing. Famous pop star and X Factor judger Nicole Scherzinger attended an event in a Twitter dress – says it all!

This incorporation of electronics and the textile industry is something which is becoming more and more popular and has been made so because of the lilypad arduino. Because of the rapid pace in which this product base is growing, there are so many different options available at an individual’s disposal.

This is great because it means that there are a lot of things to choose from and thus there is something to suit all wants and all budgets. Nevertheless, it can make it more difficult when it comes to making a final decision. However; don’t worry, as that is where this article comes into play. It will reveal the certain areas of contemplation for those looking to buy a lilypad product.

The first thing that needs to be considered is the type of product which is going to be bought. The following are just a handful of the selections available; micro LED, accelerometer, main board, simply board, buzzer, button board, basic breakout and more.

Aside from this another thing which obviously needs to be thought about is the price of the product. This is something which is determined by each individual based on how much money they are willing to spend. However, it is recommended that people use the internet to their advantage in order to find the best deals that are available to them.

A final point worth thinking about is their level of effectiveness compared to their purpose. This is something which again is completely dependent on the individual in question and what they seek the lilypad product for.

Remember; price, quality and type are the main areas which need to be considered when incorporating clothing with electronics!


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