September 6, 2018

STUDER wins user satisfaction award in China

The Swiss grinding machine manufacturer, Fritz Studer AG, wins a user satisfaction award in China. This prize was awarded by the “AI Automobile Production” magazine during the Chinese Engineering Fair CIMES in Beijing. In total, 38 products and solu-tions for the automotive industry won awards.


Which products are particularly innovative? Which solutions are smart? Which machines reli-able? Renowned users of the automotive and supplier industry were able to give their favour-ites a vote. The “AI User Satisfaction Award” is awarded every two years by the Trade Maga-zine “AI Automobile Production”. Thissummer, 38 products used in vehicle technology achieved an award. This includes the solution for precise grinding of CVT shafts and pulleys on the STUDER S41.

Precision for high efficiency

The precise grinding of CVT shafts and pulleys is a classical application of the STUDER S41. The machine can be equipped with grinding wheels for external and internal cylindrical grind-ing. A self-developed groove-grinding unit, as well as a CNC-controlled Y-axis allow the ma-chining of all ground surfaces in one clamping. With the combination of In-and Post-process measuring, high precision with no scrap parts can be achieved.

Fit for Industry 4.0: The STUDER software for an MES system realizes real-time process monitoring and ensures complete traceability of all workpieces. With this project solution, STUDER was able to inspire the users and fulfil the wish of Editor-in-Chief Gong Shujuan: To motivate the industry to offer users even greater efficiency, quality and better cost-effective-ness.


More information

On Studer’s official website.

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