Profile 20x20R 1000mm


Profile 20x20R 1000mm


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Technical data for strut profiles 

EN AW – Al MgSi Material designation according to DIN EN 573 for Rexroth strut profiles

EN AW – 6060 Material number according to DIN EN 573

Rm = 245 N/mm2 Minimum tensile strength (in direction of pressure)

Rp0,2 = 195 N/mm2 0.2% proof stress (in direction of pressure)

A5 = 10% Ductile yield A5 or A10 A10 = 8 %

E = 70000 N/mm2 Modulus of elasticity E 75 HB Brinell hardness

α(-50… 20 °C) = 21.8 x 10-6 1/K Longitudinal expansion coefficient


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