August 14, 2021

Stop making mediocre Ender-3s! Flashforge Voxelab Aquila Review

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The Flashforge Voxelab Aquila is yet another Ender-3 clone - in this case, a near carbon copy of the Ender-3 v2. It copied all of its flaws and yet added new ones - so the question is, what justification is there for this printer to exist when it's bringing absolutely nothing new to the table?

00:00 Voxelab Aquila Review
01:01 Print Quality
02:01 Slicer
02:56 LCD Screen
04:31 Hotend and Extruder
05:18 Cable Management
05:46 Electrics / Electronics
06:07 Heated Bed
07:02 Thermal Safety
10:38 New Features?
12:43 My Conclusion
15:04 One more uninspiring Cheeseburger

Read the article to this video here:

It’s a cheeseburger: The Flashforge Voxelab Aquila

Disclosure (missed it in the video): The Aquila was provided to me free of charge by Flashforge Voxelab. Neither Voxelab nor anyone else had any say in the way the review was done and they did not see the review (or its script) before it was published. As always, no money changed hands. My full review terms

Get an Ender-3 v2 instead, maybe
Or an Elegoo Neptune 2

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