December 1, 2021

Spiro Drawing Board with Todd | Vectric's Christmas Toy Shop | Day 1 | Vectric FREE CNC Projects

One of the great things about Christmas is that it has a way of making you reflect on the past. I can remember my father giving me a spirograph and the time he gave my daughter one. These are great little creative gadgets that sometimes take a bit of practice, but once you got it there are hours of creative drawing to be had.

In this video, I will show you how he created a larger scale Spiro Drawing Board that you can carry around, lay on a surface, open up, and have all that you need to create a large-scale spiro design. I wanted to be sure it was friendly to small hands and use crayons to create fun bold designs that could be colored afterward.

There was a lot to learn here but nothing too difficult. One of the most useful techniques is how you can create the cogs or gears using a series of circles. Also, I give you a few ideas for upgrades that would make this design even better. Don’t forget that because it is wood a little bit of breaking in will be needed so that means a bit of fun for the Elves even before the gift is wrapped!

I hope this project inspires you to share some #kindnessthischristmas and gift this Spiro Drawing Board to a little one near you!

Have fun, Merry Christmas & keep safe!


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