February 12, 2018

SOLIDWORKS World 2018 “Shop Floor” Implementing MBD with SOLIDWORKS

SOLIDWORKS is turning the spotlight on manufacturing. This year’s event featured, for the first time, a 40 x 70 ft. “Shop Floor” booth, recreating a typical manufacturing environment for the production and inspection of an automotive gear shift arm.

Parts have been manufactured and inspected from part designs produced in SOLIDWORKS 2018 complete with embedded Model Based Definition (MBD). This illustrated the benefit of the Digital Thread concept of re-use, re-purpose and trace-ability of the design intent using SOLIDWORKS 2018.

Origin International Inc.

Origin International Inc., a SOLIDWORKS Solutions Partner that develops and markets dimensional metrology software products and solutions for SOLIDWORKS, was pleased to be participating in the Inspection portion of the Shop Floor activity, featuring its flagship product CheckMate for SOLIDWORKS.

The Model Based Enterprise concept of SOLIDWORKS further enhanced in the 2018 version was on display bringing the virtual world of design to the reality taking the design intent and inspecting parts manufactured on the floor using technologies and methods used by manufacturers today.

With Model Based Definition embedded in the model as a stating point, inspection programs are generated for execution on a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) and a soft gauge to evaluate point cloud information generated with a laser scanner.

Solutions for “what-if” problem solving of dimensional problems with tools in SOLIDWORKS enables design and manufacturing engineers to reduce-the iterations required for part acceptance, producing better parts faster.

Wenzel America Ltd.

Representatives from Wenzel America were also on hand inspecting parts produced on the “Shop Floor,” with a coordinate measuring machine.

Wenzel America Ltd. is an innovative and flexible solver of customer problems built on a solid foundation of family, German precision engineering, flexibility and strong partnerships. 

3D Infotech

The company specializes in providing solutions for the 3D metrology industry, helping manufacturing companies by providing best-in-class technology, training and support. 

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