May 30, 2018

Software for machine monitoring and intelligent inspection

This software gives users a comprehensive approach to machine monitoring and management that meets the needs of multiple applications. Called WebAccess/MCM machine condition monitoring software, it conveniently acquires sensor signals, analyses signals, extracts features, manages and interprets data, and handles alert notifications for online monitoring and inspection.

The software is compatible with various DAQ computers and cards. The software is designed with a user-guided graphical user interface for easy setup configuration.

The software has a cloud function in which data from various machines can be uploaded to a cloud platform, giving clients real-time data access to machine conditions for predictive maintenance applications.

WebAccess/MCM provides three different modes.
–Scope Mode: At the start of implementing a measure system, a user needs to verify the sensor signal. Scope assists users in analyzing signals and provides oscilloscope-like functions including cursor measurement tools, trigger capture functions, automatic measures of amplitudes, frequencies, average and peak-to-peak values, as well as real-time display of time-domain data and spectrograms.
–Intelligent Inspection Mode: This mode provides an easy way to develop an inspection system for a production line. Wizard guides provide easy setup. Custom algorithms optimize signals and data analysis. The system can output signals to other equipment and can connect to a SCADA system as monitoring nodes and generates quality inspection reports.
–Condition Monitoring Mode: Provides plenty of algorithms for signal processing and data analysis to convert large amounts of data into useful information. Through a data management function, data are uploaded to an IIoT cloud. With MCM, the user can realize real-time online condition monitoring, predict key component life, minimize machine shutdowns, and increase productivity.

Advantech Corporation

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