January 9, 2018

Soap Cutter and Slicer Project

We were commissioned to produce two products for cutting and slicing soap for a local artisan soap maker here in Manchester. The products would reduce time and improve productivity when cutting and slicing soap into bar form.
Various digital prototypes were modeled using computer aided design software with direct input from the soap maker himself to achieve the best results.
The products were produced using Aluproman aluminium extrusion profiles to make a rigid and functional product. The design of each product allowed for different custom sizes. The slicing wire was fully adjustable. The mounting of the wire utilized the groove in the profile and custom sizes or heights could be achieved.
The main construction material was birch plywood that was CNC machined into shape, assembled and waxed to resist moisture. The plastic parts were all 3D Printed to the customers colour preference.

Loaf Slicer

The loaf slicer allows the soap maker to slice the block of soap into three equally sized loaves of soap. Plastic feet were added to each end of the slicer to improve stability and improve the user experience.
soap log slicer

Soap Cutter

The soap cutter allows the soap maker to slice the loaf into ten individual equally sized bars of soap in a fraction of the time previously spent achieving these results.
This product was constructed using Plywood, Aluminium Profiles and 3D Printed Parts.
The design utilized guitar wire posts to ensure the cutting wire was kept at the right tension to cut through the soap loaf.
soap cutter

Products in action

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