July 1, 2018

SmarTech Issues New Report On Automotive Additive Manufacturing Market, Sees $5.3 Billion Market In 2023

Industry analyst firm SmarTech Publishing has just issued a new report that examines the current market for automotive additive manufacturing market including prototyping and tooling applications while focusing specifically on production of final parts. In the new report, SmarTech expects the overall automotive additive manufacturing market to reach $5.3 billion in revenues in 2023 and then grow to an impressive $12.4 billion US by 2028.

Additional details of the report titled, “Additive Manufacturing in Automotive 2018” are available at: https://www.smartechpublishing.com/reports/automotive-additive-manufacturing/

From the Report:

With over $12 billion in expected annual global revenues by 2028, adoption of AM by the automotive segment for production purposes is going to mark an inflection point for the additive manufacturing.

While the market remains focused on prototyping and tooling, parts production will become the primary revenue opportunity by the end of the forecast period, surpassing prototyping, tooling, hardware and materials.

Parts production including metal and polymer parts, as well as both parts produced internally by automotive OEM’s and in outsourcing, are expected to be the primary revenue opportunity for the automotive additive manufacturing market driving the entire segment, totaling nearly $4.3 billion US by the end of the forecast period.

Major new hardware from leading vendor is now focusing on automotive part production: multi-jet fusion (HP), digital light synthesis (Carbon) as well as metal binder jetting projects from Desktop Metal, GE, HP and Stratasys.

Major automotive OEMs have formed partnership with AM hardware OEM focusing on part production given the value they see from integrating additive manufacturing into their processes.

Next generation software is enabling both optimized part design for AM and AM integration into the end-to-end production workflow.

About the Report:

In this new report on automotive additive manufacturing market, SmarTech Publishing maps and quantifies the use of additive manufacturing hardware and materials (polymers, metals, composites and ceramics) in the automotive segment, already one of the first and largest adopter of AM technologies for prototyping and tooling applications.

The report analyzes hardware adoption and material consumption based on the most recent advancements in AM adoption. It also provides a detailed description of the recent case histories and major industry partnerships that are shaping and defining AM adoption for the next decade.

SmarTech’s analyses also provides and accurate and updated description of major software used in automotive AM, including recent advances in generative CAD software as well as CAE and CAM tools, simulation and process monitoring software, from both first party and third party suppliers.

By conducting interviews with major stakeholders and adopters in the automotive AM markets, the report goes on to break down major revenue opportunity segment for specific part types while conducting further analysis into the value of external AM services provided by both application agnostic AM service bureaus and tier 1/tier 2 automotive suppliers.

The full report includes:

  • Ten-year 3D printing opportunity and market data forecasts in volume and value terms. These cover hardware, materials, software, services and overall printed parts value – illustrated with over 80 charts and exhibits.
  • Expanded market data to include key metrics at a country level, better capturing the regional attitudes towards introducing AM in the production workflow for prototyping, tooling and final parts.
  • Complete lists and descriptions of key AM hardware and AM materials (both polymer and metal alloys) used in automotive AM, including upcoming production-ready technologies.
  • Complete analysis of software used in the end-to-end automotive production cycle, in light of recent advanced in generative design software and PLM software solutions.
  • The latest trailing twenty-four months activity and competitive analysis to reflect the rapidly evolving landscape in which major automakers, automotive tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers and “application agnostic” 3D printing service are finding new cost-effective solutions through AM adoption.
  • Complete detailed analysis and forecasts of the potential for final parts production through AM


More information:

On SmarTech’s website.

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