July 9, 2018

SIMSOLID Cloud: Breakthrough no-meshing, no-defeaturing structural analysis tool now available as an Onshape-enabled cloud application

Bruce Jenkins | Ora Research

SIMSOLID, first rolled out in 2015, is a structural modeling and analysis software application that radically democratizes FEA by working directly on imported CAD geometry with no need for the two most time- and labor-intensive aspects of traditional structural analysis tools: CAD geometry simplification, or de-featuring, and finite-element mesh generation.

“Announcing SIMSOLID Cloud: Popular desktop structural analysis tool now available as an Onshape-embedded cloud application”

In February, SIMSOLID Corporation announced the general availability of SIMSOLID Cloud. SIMSOLID’s positioning of the product is that it “continues to set the standard for rapid simulation-driven design. Its innovative core technology eliminates geometry simplification and meshing, the two most time-consuming and expertise-extensive tasks done in traditional FEA. Moreover, SIMSOLID can analyze complex parts and large assemblies not practical with traditional FEA and provides performance feedback in seconds to minutes.” Our firsthand research among early adopters firmly confirms those claims.

SIMSOLID Cloud is an all new browser-based structural analysis application. Available in the Onshape App Store, it uses Onshape’s single sign-on and runs completely within an Onshape Document tab. With SIMSOLID Cloud, you never have to leave the familiar Onshape environment. All modeling, analysis and results visualization are completely embedded.

SIMSOLID Cloud offers structural static and modal vibration analyses. It comes with an integrated material properties library. Both individual parts and assemblies can be analyzed and parts can be either mesh or CAD solids based.

SIMSOLID Cloud comes with unique design study capabilities. Design studies are used to collect and quantify design performance variation. Each SIMSOLID project can contain multiple design studies and each study can contain multiple analyses. Best of all, SIMSOLID design studies are associative to Onshape geometry updates. As the geometry evolves, the study can be updated without having to recreate the existing analysis configuration settings.

“We are pleased to announce SIMSOLID Cloud,” said Ken Welch, co-founder and CEO. “Onshape is an ideal cloud partner for us. We are excited to get going.”

“SIMSOLID is an innovative partner,” said Jon Hirschtick, Onshape CEO. “Their meshless FEA approach is truly changing the way design analysis is performed. I think it is fantastic that Onshape users no longer have to simplify geometry before running analysis.”

No meshing, no defeaturing: SIMSOLID democratizes FEA

An Onshape model of a real-world, complex machined plate with 1200+ faces and 100+ small holes. It’s not practical to solve this with conventional FEA.

Introducing SIMSOLID, a Different Kind of FEA

SIMSOLID, an Onshape Partner, does not have the meshing limitations found in traditional FEA. It is based on new FEA technology that does not use a mesh, but instead applies classes of higher order functions on both a part and a CAD feature basis. SIMSOLID is an adaptive solver that automatically iterates to improve accuracy on both a local and global basis. Best of all, SIMSOLID algorithms are designed specifically to handle large assemblies with complex connections. Assemblies that are not possible to solve with traditional FEA can be quickly analyzed in SIMSOLID.

Simulation is typically used:

  • During the design process – to provide rapid design insight during product idealization and creation.
  • After the design is complete – to validate that the design specifications were met or not.
  • After the product ships – to diagnose product failures.

While structural simulation can be used in all phases of the product lifecycle, its largest benefit is obtained when used early in the design process before any hard manufacturing costs are committed. This is the ideal time to use SIMSOLID, which operates directly on Onshape CAD geometry without simplification. No meshing means that model setup is extremely fast and results are now obtained in seconds to minutes.

Robust, industrial-Grade Analysis Software

SIMSOLID is new technology, but it has been extensively tested and proven on real-world applications. It’s extremely easy to use, fast and accurate – and it can handle both large assemblies and complex, lattice-based, 3D-printed parts.

Here are a few examples:

SIMSOLID large model design studies (courtesy of Serapid)


SIMSOLID bone biomechanics analysis (courtesy of the University of Western Ontario)


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