June 7, 2018

Siemens Releases Solid Edge 2019 and Simcenter Testlab Neo

Siemens made two big announcements this week: the latest release of Solid Edge computer-aided design software, as well as an upgrade to its Simcenter Testlab software.

Formerly LMS Test.Lab, the analysis tool is a suite of data collection, analytics, and modeling systems for test-based performance engineering. It’s most often used in noise and vibration, acoustics, and durability analysis. The tool is now called Simcenter Testlab Neo.

The engineering-software company introduced and outlined the upgrades at its PLM World: Siemens PLM Connection 2018, held this week in Phoenix.

Solid Edge Strong

Solid Edge now includes both mechanical and electrical design tools. Solid Edge 2019 also includes simulation analysis; tools for subtractive and additive manufacturing; and free, cloud-based project collaboration.

Solid Edge Wiring Design, included in Solid Edge 2019, provides design and simulation tools for the rapid creation of wiring diagrams and verification of electrical systems. Solid Edge Harness Design adds harness and formboard design tools with automated part selection, design validation, and manufacturing report generation.

Solid Edge PCB Design accelerates schematic capture and PCB layout and is fully integrated with mechanical design.

The release also includes new modular plant design capabilities with Solid Edge P&ID Design and Solid Edge Piping Design. Providing 2D flow diagram and symbol support for plant creation, Solid Edge P&ID Design supports governing requirements for plant design.

Solid Edge 2019 includes features for both mechanical and electrical design.

New design for additive manufacturing capabilities include better control of shapes, weight, strength, and specific factors of safety. Solid Edge also automates print preparation, including multi-color, multi-material printing capability. Additionally, these new capabilities enable manufacturers to produce low production.

Also new in Solid Edge 2019 is Solid Edge CAM Pro, a comprehensive, highly flexible system that uses the latest machining technology to efficiently program CNC machine tools to help confirm parts are manufactured as designed.

Simcenter Testlab Neo

Also announced at the conference was Siemens’s upgrade to its Simcenter Testlab software.

For troubleshooting of noise issues and  benchmarking of design variants, the sound-quality solution now includes a calibrated audio replay with interactive filtering, built-in guidance for occasional users, standard off-the-shelf procedures, and flexible combination of noise, vibration and harshness and sound quality metrics.

The tool now includes end-to-end durability testing that combines data collection and data analytics and introduces sound quality engineering. It covers all the steps of a typical test, from channel setup and measurements, to validation, consolidation, analysis, and reporting.

It also integrates a variety of models from Simcenter Amesim software, for co-simulation, on-the-fly creation of model-based virtual channels using measured inputs.

And Testlalb Neo now also includes model-based system testing that allows engineers to include virtual simulation within their physical tests.

The latest release offers a new user interface.

“Simcenter Testlab offers an integrated end-to-end solution for load data acquisition and processing,” said Guillermo Gonzalez, function and durability manager at Nissan Technical Center Europe, Spain. “The solution accelerates the delivery of critical durability insights when preparing for test rig campaigns or reliable simulations.”


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