March 2, 2021

Should you store filament in reusable vacuum bags? Nanovac + Airlock review and test

Did you know 3D Printing filament can absorb moisture from the air? Keeping your filament in a warm, dry location helps but isn't always possible. In this video we test out the nanovac from Polyalchemy, a purpose designed vacuum storage system with reuseable bags.

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Polyalchemy has organised the following offers:
Deal 1 ( buy 3 rolls get the Airlock Bundle free) Add 3 rolls of elixir and the Airlock bundle to the cart and discount is applied.

Deal 2 (Buy the Airlock Bundle and get another pack of bags for free) add the Airlock Bundle and 1 x pack Airlock bags to cart and use the code "makersmuse" .

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