Computer Modeling

Our 3D computer modeling software arsenal consists of both Autodesk Fusion 360 and MOI3D. We are able to import the majority of CAD data formats from our customers. We have the option to save data created using industry standard formats for downstream applications and manufacturing.

Design Process

We are able take ideas from ‘art to part’ inline with your requirements.

The design process includes the following stages, our design service takes your idea through to prototyping stage. Our commercial partner can manufacture the prototype into a finish product suitable for market.


Photo-realistic Rendering

The rich rendering environment found in Autodesk Fusion 360 is perfect for creating digital visual prototypes and marketing material.

Users are given the option to render models locally or to utilize the cloud based rendering environment. Products can be rendered in  360 degrees to show all angles of the product, this is especially useful for web based applications.

Photo-realistic rendering is a service we offer to customers. This is a excellent solution to advertise and increase product awareness prior to the product going to market.

Our CAD Services

Part Modeling

Transforming an idea into a part or model
Working with customers 2D drawings to create parts
Modifying existing CAD model or data
Designing new products


Model or part assemblies

Photo-realistic Rendering

Website imagery
Marketing material
Brochure imagery
Product advertising

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