What is 2D Profile Machining?

2D CNC Profile Machining is removing material with either a cutting or engraving toolpath. This also includes 2.5D machining usually associated with V-carving toolpaths.The machine is guided via the machine data file. The data is created using a pre-processor or toolpathing software. Vector based curves are loaded into this software and different tools are assigned depending on the type of cut required.

What is a vector?

A vector is a line or curve that can be scaled parametrically without loosing any quality or becoming distorted. These file types are usually named as .dxf or .svg file formats.

More commonly known file formats such as .jpeg, .bmp, and .png are associated with photos and pictures and are built from pixels. When scaled larger they become pixelated or blocky and the image is no longer recognizable. These file types maybe used for certain machining processes such as laser engraving an image but are not suitable for calculating toolpaths for cutting, v-carving and engraving with a CNC machine.

cnc base

Machine Size

Our CNC Router has a cutting area of 1200mm(Y) x 700mm(X). The maximum material thickness 40mm. The Z axis a travel distance of 80mm, however the maximum is restricted by the tool size.

Machinable Materials:
Non-ferrous metals ( Aluminium, Brass, etc)
Certain other materials are possible, please inquire.

2D Machining Process

Design the part in CAD Software

part modeled in cad

Create a dxf or svg sketch

create dxf

Create the toolpaths in CAM

toolpath precut

Cut the part on CNC Machine

toolpath postcut

2D Machining Service

Our 2D Profile machining service is tailored towards low volume part manufacturing and profile cutting.

We offer a variety of cutting and engraving services depending on our customers requirements.

“One offs” or custom products, where customers require the manufacture of parts for a specific project or the reproduction of an existing part.

Signage, we are able to produce or re-produce signs, corporate branded products, logo engraving with high precision and quality.

If you have any questions why not drop us line!

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