May 29, 2018

Seamlessly integrated from data acquisition to analysis: the Beckhoff measurement chain

At Automotive Testing Expo 2018, Beckhoff will present its new device series for high-end measurement technology, which makes highly precise, fast and robust measurement technology an integrated part of PC-based control.

In automotive test environments, the new EtherCAT measurement modules open up new possibilities in terms of accuracy, time and measurement precision, synchronisation and long-term reliability that were previously only possible with cost-intensive specialised equipment. As a result, Beckhoff offers a seamlessly integrated measurement chain: from I/O modules in various protection ratings for connection of all common sensors and the EtherCAT measurement fieldbus through to a range of TwinCAT software modules used on premises. Cloud connectivity is part of the central control system: TwinCAT IoT can be used to process measurement data in public or private cloud system. We would be glad to introduce you to the new measurement modules and the Beckhoff concept of seamlessly integrated measurement technology in a personal discussion.

Seamlessly integrated into the cloud: the Beckhoff measurement chain

Beckhoff offers an integrated system architecture for measurement applications:

  • sensor connection to I/O modules in IP 20 and IP 67 protection ratings
  • EtherCAT as the established high performance fieldbus system
  • TwinCAT automation software for on-premises use integrates engineering, PLC, Motion Control, Safety, visualisation, communication and measurement technology
  • cloud connectivity integrated into the control system

High-end measurement technology for PC-based control: the EtherCAT measurement modules

With a new device series, high-end measurement technology becomes an integrated part of PC-based control. The new EtherCAT measurement modules can be directly integrated into the modular EtherCAT Terminal system. Metal housings offer optimised shielding and cooling for measurement applications as well as increased flexibility with regard to interfaces, such as for LEMO or BNC connectors.

Measurement technology right into the cloud

Beckhoff will present the perfect integration of its measurement hardware and software. Easy-to-use tools such as the TwinCAT Filter Designer offer significant time savings. The filter coefficients can be downloaded directly into the new measurement modules of the ELM series. The measurement setup controller optionally transfers the filtered data via OPC UA or IoT communication protocol directly into connected cloud systems. The TwinCAT Database Server provides a customisable database connection. TwinCAT Analytics and Condition Monitoring deal with data evaluation. TwinCAT Scope View offers an intuitive user interface for the graphical display of analysis results and raw data.


More information:

The official Beckhoff page.

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