October 31, 2018

Robo Inventions makes the HIRO

Robo Inventions makes the HIRO

HIRO – Humanoid Intended for Robotic Operations, is a robot meant for the service industry such as medical industry, hospitality industry and malls or premium offices. It takes care of menial or repetitive tasks that have been difficult for people as they create fatigue in their daily lives. HIRO can perform tasks like moving laundry or delivering medicines or serving tables. It is capable of carrying a payload of 120kgs on its arms. This is much more than what the currently available service industry robots can carry (4-5 kgs). The arms of HIRO are modular and replaceable. According to the industry being catered to, these arms contain different kinds of attachments.
HIRO uses visual audiometry to calculate distances and reach the spot that it wants to reach. It is not restricted by front and back movements; it can slide to move around. HIRO is unique because it can converse with humans, and even answer questions that run into three or four questions. This enables HIRO to be used as an information kiosk as well. HIRO also comes with the capability of lift integration, which means it can control lifts in a building.
Robo Inventions found Fusion 360 to be a greatly helpful tool in their designing and manufacturing processes. Being a small team, they have to multitask constantly. Fusion’s collaborative platform is very useful in such scenarios. Pratheesh found it extremely easy to collaborate with him design team and share his feedback, even while on the go.
In addition, being a cloud-based software, the heavy end part of the program is run on cloud, which makes it unnecessary to have a high-end system to run the program. One can have a very light system to run Fusion 360, but have the functionality of a very high end CAM and CAD processor.
“Now all our processes from 2D design to 3D design, CAD modelling to CAM to rendering, everything is done on Fusion”, says Puneet.
Most of the design software are good at one particular thing. Fusion 360 is good at multiple things - it can do CAM i.e. designing, CAD i.e. designing, computer aided machining, rendering, and simulation. When one single environment allows you to do multiple things, the transition from stage 1 to stage 2 for a product is pretty quick. We’ve been loyal to Fusion 360 for a long time now. If we had used a different software, it wouldn’t have had every feature or all the different entities that Fusion 360 has. I would have had to go to a different software for rendering, another for machining and another for simulation. Where Fusion 360 excels is that all these environment are integrated into one platform”
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