March 30, 2019

Profile Framing Service

Profile Framing Solutions

Our 20 Series profiles can be used for many different applications, some of which include cases for electronics, enclosures to house machinery and storage units.
These profiles provide an easy-to-assemble solution and can be assembled into different configurations with minimal tools. In the products we produce for in-house operations we use Allen head cap bolts as they offer the most practical solution. This allows the whole structure to be assembled with an Allen key or hex screwdriver set.


Once these frames are assembled they make for a very rigid and robust construction. We like to think of this method of construction as an adult sized version of Meccano.
The profiles are easy to assemble with slide -in or drop ‘n’ twist styles of T-nuts that are available in a variety of sizes M3-M6.
The 20 series profiles have a groove, typically on four sides, that is 6 mm in width. Also the profiles have a through hole travelling the distance of the desired length, which can be tapped to accommodate a thread and/or a bolt.
The AluProMan range of profiles we stock will accommodate an M6 threaded bolt and the VSLOT profiles will accommodate a M5 bolt.

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