December 21, 2018

Powerful clamping stations with compact dimensions

The miniature clamping stations from the SCHUNK VERO-S NSL mini 100-25 series ensure high clamping forces in a compact design. The powerful 1-way, 2-way, and 4-way clamping stations are particularly designed to the requirements of modern small parts production.

The compact miniature clamping stations SCHUNK VERO-S NSL mini 100-25 have high pull-down forces, a high rigidity, and are completely sealed. Source: SCHUNK

The used modules are completely sealed and prevent the ingress of chips or dirt into the module interior and causing interference. At the same time, a revised drive increases the pull-down forces: Each clamping module achieves a pull-down force of 6,000 N due to a patented dual stroke system and activated turbo function. Depending on the used thread, the holding force amounts to 15,000 N (M6) or 25,000 N (M8). With dimensions of 199 mm x 199 mm x 40 mm, the 4-way clamping station achieves pull-down forces of 24,000 N and holding forces of 60,000 N and 100,000 N, respectively. Since the rigidity has also been increased, significantly higher tilting moments can be absorbed.

Robust and long-lasting

The mini clamping stations lock in a self-retaining and form-fit manner via spring package. They do not consume any energy when actuated. The corresponding quick-release couplings for opening by compressed air, or for actuating the turbo function are located in an elevated position, and are therefore particularly easy to reach without restricting the accessibility of the workpieces. Large contact surfaces between the clamping slides and pins minimize surface pressure in clamped position thereby wear on clamping modules is reduced. To increase the service life, all the functional parts of the clamping modules, such as the base body, clamping pin, and clamping slide, are made of stainless steel. The other components of the clamping stations in turn are chemically nickel-plated or hard-anodized, and are therefore also rust-proof.

Comprehensive modular program

The VERO-S NSL mini 100-25 clamping stations enlarge the SCHUNK VERO-S mini modular system. Permanently mounted on the machine table, they precisely mount a wide variety of clamping devices from the SCHUNK NSE mini range and enable quick set-up procedures. Alignment grooves at the bottom simplify the placement on the machine table in the longitudinal and transverse direction. In addition, the 2-way and 4-way clamping stations are equipped with center holes and alignment edges. Optionally, the clamping stations can be provided with additional screw holes.


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