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Perfect process with seven axes and smallest footprint

At EuroBLECH (Hall 13, Stand C196) YASKAWA exhibited components and solutions for automated joining, coating and separating processes. Besides the proven Motoman robots for spot and arc welding, cutting and handling (material feeding), an emphasis was placed on extensive drive and control technology, especially for metal working machines.

CMT Marking Cell permitted interaction with fair visitors. / Die CMT-Marking-Zelle ermöglichte die Interaktion mit Messebesuchern. (Source: YASKAWA)

Welding solutions from batch size 1

The CMT arc marking process permitted interaction with trade fair visitors in the automatic production of a small memento in business card format, controlled via a Yaskawa 21” panel PC. Besides the Yaskawa company logo, the visitors had the chance to name their name or a QR code with a link to Yaskawa products applied to their souvenir – quite individually and from batch size 1.

Error recovery

A further exhibit demonstrated an error recovery system that ensures consistent component quality in the event of malfunctions during the welding process by means of a defined procedure. Coordinated or synchronous movements with at least two MA2010 welding robots and additional, external axes as necessary are advantageous here. The error recovery function, a software for DX200 multiple robot cells, is integrated. Its purpose is defined detection, treatment and reworking of any welding errors that may occur during the simultaneous execution of multiple processes.

Welding System with “Error Recovery” Function. / Schweißanlage mit “Error Recovery” Funktion. (Source: YASKAWA)

Motoman VS100

A current example of Yaskawa’s efficient welding robots is the 7-axis Motoman VS100 with a payload of up to 110 kg. The model has an additional tilting axis and offers a highly flexible working range. It can work close to workpieces and other robots, enabling flexible and space-saving system design. The additional axis and resulting additional degree of freedom permits realignment of the manipulator axes without changing the position of the spot welding gun. This means that the robot can reach deep into restricted spaces or execute longer linear movements. The interference contour of the complete manipulator can be adjusted by programming. This robot also pursues Yaskawa’s strategy of downsizing tools, extending the working range towards the robot body and energy-efficient motors.

7-axis MOTOMAN VS100 with a payload of up to 110 kg. / 7-achsiger MOTOMAN VS100 mit einer Traglast bis zu 110 kg. (Source: YASKAWA)

All-in-one solutions from the standard cell to the complex system

The comprehensive range of Yaskawa Motoman industrial robots, as well as drive and control technology, enables technically uniform overall solutions from one source – from the standard cell to the customised, complex system.

For example, servo amplifiers of the Sigma-7 series with EtherCAT and Profinet interface offer numerous convenient functions such as vibration suppression that is vital for the metalworking industry. This innovative function permits, among others, exact tracing of trajectories while cutting, lasering and folding, thus producing extremely accurate finished parts. Besides the servomotors, the Sigma-7 portfolio also includes linear axes.


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