Onshape delivers radically new Design Data Management 2.0

Onshape delivers radically new Design Data Management 2.0

Onshape claims that its “Design Data Management 2.0” is a radically different approach that marks a new era in the way engineers manage design data. The new approach reworks how data are created, stored, shared, and managed. This approach eliminates the problems of old file-based data management and introduces new possibilities:

• Virtual documents, not files
• Secure Cloud workspace, not scattered copies
• Parallel, not serial
• Instant collaboration, not meetings
• Immutable links, not brittle file references

Search – Onshape stores all design data in a secure cloud workspace. Finding the data is quick and easy using the integrated search tools with filters such as Name, Description, Part Number and Revision. Search results are scoped for users with restricted access permissions.

Versions & History – Onshape records every design change, with unlimited undo/redo and a complete history of who changed what and when. This process is automatic, so users will never lose any data or work. When design milestones are reached, users can create immutable versions to bookmark progress.

Branch, Compare & Merge – Create branches in Onshape to explore multiple design alternatives in parallel. Compare any version or branch to see the differences visually and by feature definition, then merge the changes from one branch into another.

Share, Comment & Collaborate – Onshape enables real-time collaboration with simultaneous editing of parts and assemblies and commenting for design reviews. Documents are shared with edit or view-only permissions. Data never leaves Onshape, so Document permissions can just as easily be revoked.

Onshape is also announcing two new features:
• Release Management and Approval Workflow will help eliminate the headaches caused by creating and using formal product release processes.

Formal Release Management – Onshape’s approval-based release process provides a controlled release workflow fully integrated into the design experience. Multiple approvers, notifications, automatic part numbering and error checking streamlines the release process and enforces company procedures.

1. Release Workflows – Onshape’s Formal Release Management gives your company a formal approval release process without the typical downtime associated with checking files in or out. As an approver, you can easily approve or reject a Release candidate and it will automatically move to the next state in the workflow and notify the appropriate people.


Simultaneous Bill of Materials builds upon the existing Design Data Management 2.0 foundation to revolutionize part information tracking and sharing. Onshape lets users edit assemblies and Bills of Materials at the same time with complete associativity and without the need to create a drawing.


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